February 6, 2024


Bank staff reported that someone caused minor damage in the ATM vestibule overnight. Police already dealt with them the previous night and issued them tickets contrary to their trespass notices for the bank.

Police received a complaint that someone saw their own house on a rental site. This is a very common scam where the scammers would request an e-transfer deposit for the fake rental property. The person would show up to look at the rental property only to learn they were victim of the scam.

Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and learned that the driver had outstanding warrants. The driver was released with a court date.

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) received a referral from Alberta Health Services to check on a male. PACT met with the male and set up some appointments and will meet with him again tomorrow.

Police received numerous complaints from several different downtown businesses about a female causing disturbances, vandalizing property, assaulting people. Police located the female and she was arrested and will be held for a Judicial Interim Release hearing.

A collision was reported in the north side of the city. A car lost control on the icy roads and slid into someone’s fence narrowly missing their house. The driver was issued a ticket.

Police mediated a relationship dispute and assisted the female in getting her cats back.