Automated Traffic Safety Strategies

Automated Traffic Enforcement technology is an important tool in enhancing traffic safety. The City of Camrose utilizes an Intersection Safety Device as well as Photo Radar to assist in managing traffic enforcement making our roads safer for everyone. These systems are reviewed on a regular basis to determine if they are meeting the goal of collision reduction and a reduction in severity of collisions.

Automated Traffic Enforcement technology is only one component within the city’s strategic traffic safety plan. Regular enforcement by Police officers, transportation engineering, traffic safety signage as well as education and awareness programs all contribute to reduce collisions and improve road safety.

Photo Radar Enforcement

In accordance with the Alberta Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) technology guidelines, photo radar enforcement will only be deployed at approved locations within the City of Camrose.  Locations where ATE is used shall meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Higher frequency of collisions
  • Higher frequency of speeding
  • Higher frequency of intersection contraventions
  • Designated zones (school zone, playground zone, construction zone)

The sites approved for ATE use and the ATE Location Assessment Forms can be found in the below links:

Intersection Safety Devices (ISD)

Intersection safety devices are more commonly known as red-light or speed-on-green cameras. The city of Camrose has one ISD located at the intersection of 48 avenue and 68 street to detect both vehicles that are exceeding the speed limit and vehicles that fail to stop for a red light. The ISD monitors the intersection and photographs vehicles that are in violation of either of these offences. A photo and violation ticket are then sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Conventional traffic safety enforcement at this intersection is very difficult and this location typically ranks first in the number of intersection collisions year over year.

The ISD was installed at the end of November 2019. For the first two months after installation, a “warning phase” was implemented where drivers that either exceeded the speed limit or failed to stop at the red light were sent warnings in the mail. After this, violation tickets for these same offences proceeded to be sent to registered owners.

For common questions regarding an ISD please click here:

ATE Annual Report

For further data and information about our Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) Program please view our ATE Annual Report and Traffic Plan which you can find below: