May 6, 2024


Break and enter

In the early morning of May 6 someone remove the barricade at a construction site, gaining unauthorized access.  Nothing was stolen. The company request the Police increase patrols in the area.

A report received of a shed that had been broken, on May 2, in the early morning hours, in a downtown area. Three jerry cans of gas were stolen. Video footage was provided and is being investigated.

In the same area a locked garage was entered and items were taken. The owner did not want an investigation but wanted Police to be aware of the incident.


A west end business reported a female shoplifting who left in a dirty white impala. The Police made patrols and were unable to locate the suspect.

Shoplifting in progress was reported by a west end business. A 34-year-old female was arrested and issued a 10 trespass notice not to attend the business. All stolen items were recovered and returned to the business.

Uttering Threats

A report of a female attempting to break into a residence and the female was not leaving when asked by the owner. The 29-year-old female was arrested and charged for mischief and uttering threats. The female was released on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.