January 29, 2024


A report was received from a Camrose resident regarding an online loan fraud where the victim lost money due to the scam.  Police are investigating.

A rear end collision was reported after the offending vehicle initially stopped to exchange information and then drove away before producing all of their documents to the other driver. Police were able to contact the owner of the vehicle and the driver was determined. The driver was dealt with by Police and ticketed.

Police mediated a dispute between a mother and her adult son.

Police are looking into a report from a resident who purchased a vehicle from an individual over Facebook and now that they have provided a downpayment for the vehicle the Facebook seller has stopped responding. Police would like to remind residents to be cautious purchasing items over the internet from unknown individuals. When possible, purchases should be made in person at a safe public location.

Police arrested and charged a Camrose resident in relation to an investigation for possession of child pornography. A Judicial Interim Release Hearing was conducted with the offender, and they were released by the Justice of the Peace with conditions and a court date.

Police assisted in removing two individuals who had snuck into the laundry room of an apartment building. Police also dealt a complaint of two other individuals who were sleeping overnight in a bank vestibule. These two individuals were dealt with again later in the night after another complaint was received and it was determined that the two had relocated to another bank’s vestibule.