December 30, 2023


A citizen reported that their vehicle was entered and a $200 dollar gift card was stolen.

There was a report of a stolen license plate while parked at a west end business.  Checks on the license plate show that it was seized by police in a different jurisdiction.  Charges are pending.

Police mediated an argument between and man and a woman at a residence.

Police received a complaint that three males were in the process of stealing a holiday trailer in the east end of Camrose.  The trailer was last seen travelling south out of Camrose.  Both the Camrose Police Service and the RCMP responded but were unable to catch up and locate the truck and trailer.  Police are investigating.

Police were called to a residence where two family members were intoxicated and fighting.  Police arrested both men to prevent the further breach of peace.  They were released once they had calmed down and were sober.

As a result of a traffic stop the driver of the vehicle provided a sample of breath on an alcohol screening device which resulted in a Caution reading.  The driver was issued an IRS:Caution sanction and the vehicle was towed.

Police conducted a traffic stop after receiving a complaint of an intoxicated driver.  Police noted the driver to be intoxicated and the driver was given the opportunity to provide a breath sample.  The driver refused to comply and was issued an IRS:Refusal sanction.  The vehicle was seized for 30 days.