APRIL 14, 2024


Assault with Weapon

Police received a call reporting a verbal argument between a female and a male, during which the male allegedly put his hands on the female’s neck. The male was subsequently arrested and placed in custody. He faces charges of assault, uttering threats against a person, and assault while choking, suffocating, or strangling. The arrested male appeared before a Justice of the Peace for a determination on his release.

Mischief – Damage to Property

In a downtown area, a vehicle windshield was found damaged. Police responded to the scene and determined that there is no surveillance footage available in the area. The incident remains under investigation.

Liquor Act Violation

Police received a call for assistance in removing a disruptive female customer who had attempted to engage in physical altercation with staff at an east end business. Officers intervened, arrested the female to prevent a breach of peace, and released her once she was sober.

Operation While Impaired

A report was received from the downtown area regarding a possible impaired driver. Police conducted patrols and located the vehicle in question. The female driver underwent breath testing and failed the roadside sanction. Consequently, her vehicle was towed.

Liquor Act Violation (Second Incident)

A call was received concerning a male behaving erratically at an east end business. Upon arrival, police located a 48-year-old intoxicated male who was uncooperative. He was subsequently arrested and held in custody until sober.

Theft Under

A west end business reported a theft involving two females who allegedly stole an item before fleeing in an older blue GMC SUV. Police responded, gathered statement, and initiated an investigation into the matter.

Mischief – Damage to Property (Second Incident)

Police received a report of a male causing property damage and sending threatening text messages. A subsequent complaint regarding the same individual was also received. Although the male was last seen in the parking lot of an east end business, police patrols failed to locate him.